Smoking cessation

Hiya Nick
It’s coming up to my 1st anniversary of being a non smoker and I couldn’t have made it without you Thank You, I hope your life is happy.

Take care

Pen and Paper

Dear Nick
Just a little letter to thank you for you help. It’s been exactly a year now since you hypnotised me and I still haven’t touched a cigarette!

I know I couldn’t have done this without your help. I will always be thankful, as you have probably added years onto my life. Thank you once again.

Yours sincerely
E. W.

Hi Nick
I had been a heavy smoker for 12 years smoking over twenty strong cigarettes a day, I had unsuccessfully tried for many years to give up using willpower and replacement nicotine patches with no success...Psych Therapy was suggested to me by Nick Adams and I was more than happy to try anything to give up an with one session my cravings had gone. I would recommend this therapy to anyone who is trying to quit smoking as a pain free method which works.


Hi Nick
We all know what the effects of smoking can do to us, but because of our addiction it is real hard to give up that little white stick, our brain tells us that it is wrong to smoke but do we listen? We do not, our ‘WANT’ is much stronger, that is where you come in you took away that ‘WANT’. It has been 12 weeks now since I came to you for that one off consultation and I have not smoked (or wanted) one cigarette, Which after 33 years of smoking is a great achievement, even while under the influence of alcohol I did not want a cig which to be truthful is the one of the main reasons I failed in the past. So Nick with all my heart I want to thank you, I know you said you will be there for me at any time but the way I feel I don’t think I will need you

Take care.

Phobia of flying

Thank you noteDear Nick
Thought I would drop you a line to let you know how the flight to Tunisia went.

As you know flying was not my favourite occupation, well after your therapy of tapping I waited in the departure lounge and boarded the plane like it was second nature and the flight back was even better.

I’m not sure what you did or how it works but it does and now flying holds no fear and if it does I can do the hand crossing taps. I also felt very composed going into the exams as well, coincidence who knows?

Anyway thanks for the experience. I just need to find the right taps which will release the thin person trapped within this body.

Thanks again
J. H.

I have always been terrified at the thought of flying, so much so that to even look at a plane made me feel sick. This summer, July 2004 I flew to Rome. This was something I never thought I would ever do. I can't believe that all it took was a session that took about one hour. I can't thank you enough.


Writing with a fountain pen‘This is taken from a letter sent to me and other people in a company’

Nick Adams
The above are the contact details for Nick whom treated me in a space of 4 hours all in all for a fear of flying phobia I'd had for nearly 20 years!
(as Granada reports showed yesterday)

He is a fantastic, calm, professional gentleman and has a lot of experience
with lots of phobias.

If you know anyone whom you think could use his services, please forward them this email with his details on.

When I think of flying now, I feel calm, I don't have any feelings other than (I want to book a flight), his therapy is absolutely mind-blowing!

Winning the Fear of Flying competition and being treated by Nick has literally
changed my life!

Many thanks

Phobia of Driving

Having failed my driving test 4 times I began to feel that I was destined to take it every 4 months for the rest of my life. The main problem was that whilst my driving was good and I generally passed tests, I'd developed a psychological block that meant when I made small mistakes on the test I convinced myself I had failed and was so embarrassed and upset I made big mistakes subsequently.

After two sessions with Nick, I was able to visualize passing my driving test and had the confidence to attempt it again. This time, when I made small mistakes, I had the strength of mind to carry on and I passed.

I'm sure that the sessions with Nick, which were very friendly and not intimidating at all, helped immensely and made the difference between my pass and another, disheartening, defeat.

Thanks a lot Nick!

Presentation Anxiety

Handwritten LetterWhen I first visited Nick admittedly I was very nervous and skeptical, however Nick made me feel totally relaxed and at ease. More importantly Nick taught me simple techniques, which were explained to me in great detail, both how and why they work. I found the first session to be very beneficial and improvements in my confidence were almost instant. However there were underlying issues which I had buried so far in my subconscious. Because I had no idea they were there, then of course neither did Nick. However I can only say for lack of a better term, Nick has a 6th Sense for the field he works in.

Nick managed to unleash issues I had buried, helped me deal with them instantly with again simple technique, and put closure on a very traumatic time in my childhood. consequently my confidence has boomed, so much so people have approached me on numerous occasions to compliment me on my Networking and Public Speaking skills. Evidently imagine how much my confidence continues to grow...

There is one remarkable benefit I have gained from Nick, the benefit which confidence in yourself gives your business...


Insect Phobia

I just wanted to thank you for the work you did in curing my phobia of moths. Ever since I was a child I have been so scared of them that I could not go into a room where there was a moth. After one single session, I now feel so different. I can now happily ignore them if they appear in the house.

Thank you again,

Weight loss

Just a quick e-mail to say thanks for your ‘chocolate-addition’ therapy! Whilst I still enjoy some treats, as was always my intention, I have managed to contain my chocolate consumption to more normal levels since your therapy and have lost and kept off over a stone. It seems to have worked where all else failed!

Many thanks from me, but perhaps not from Cadburys!!

K. W.


JournalDear Nick
When I came to see you I had not been able to read a book for ten years. This was caused by the death of my husband and I was told I may never be able to gain my concentration again as it some times never comes back.

After three sessions of TFT I was happily reading again. Books were a very important part of my life thank you for giving them back to me.


Height phobia

Dear Nick
Just returned from The Lakes having "bagged" Bowfell at 2960 feet! Stood on the summit and admired the view - no panic, no jelly legs! I feel a whole new world has opened up for me.

Many thanks.

Having suffered a life time of fear of heights I made an appointment to see Nick Adams for Thought Field Therapy.

After only 3 sessions I was able to go up to the 24th floor of a tower block and with Nick there to encourage me, I stood very close to the large floor to ceiling window and enjoyed the magnificent view. I was cured of my fear!


Chronic Fatigue (ME)

I suffer from M.E. (also known as Chronic Fatigue and Post Viral Fatigue amongst other titles). I began suffering with this illness in April 2003 and was lucky enough to be diagnosed very early on in May 2003. After 6 months I thought I had made a full recovery and seemed to be back to 'normal' for quite a while, but then in October 2004 I suffered a relapse. I finally realized that I needed to take a long, hard look at the way I was living my life and in March 2004, a friend recommended that I try a session with Nick Adams, a psychotherapist. I wasn't really sure what to expect but can honestly say that after 3 sessions with Nick, I am a different person and my life has improved dramatically.

BookHe used Thought Field Therapy and Nick convinced me that there is a strong link between my type of illness and the food I was eating. I no longer eat white bread or potatoes (only on the very odd occasion when I am feeling really well) and I hopefully am well on the road to 'recovery'. Although I now know that M.E. will always be a part of my life, it is no longer the be all and end all, as with Nick's help, I now know how to manage it.

In the first session I did a lot of talking and things that I thought were well and truly buried came out. This Counselling was very beneficial and helped me immensely to deal with lots of different things. My husband says that I am a different person now, 'not as impatient and more laid back, nicer to live with', are some of his comments.

I would not hesitate to recommend Nick to any fellow sufferers. He is very professional but also very easy to talk to and completely put me at ease. Money well spent.


Exam Phobia

I’d spent two years studying for a Postgraduate Diploma which my company had financed. Passing it meant everything to me but during revising for the final exams I became convinced that I would fail and not only let myself down but also my company, who had invested so much in me. Instead of concentrating on learning, I focused on how I would feel telling everyone at work that I had failed the course; the anxiety became excruciating.

I’d never been that great at exams and my previous experiences of panicking and freezing when doing them was only fuelling the anxiety.

I’d heard of Nick through a friend who was convinced he could help me. I have to admit that I was slightly skeptical especially as I wouldn’t be able to see him face to face due to being at opposite ends of the country.

I had an hour session over the phone and Nick gained my trust very quickly. I followed a series of tappings whilst concentrating on my negative feelings and slowly they started to diminish. The release of emotion that I’d been bottling up was such a relief and I began to believe in myself again.

Before each exam I’d run through the tappings to relax and focus on success. I coped immensely well during the exams, keeping composed and I have to say that I actually enjoyed doing them!

It was one of the most liberating experiences I’ve had and I am more than grateful – I am pleased to say that I passed the course and am now looking forward to my imminent promotion on the back of the qualification.

Thank you!

Fear of Being Sick

Hi Nick
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Thank you so much for your help. It has certainly lessened my phobia. I still get the odd panicky feelings before going on journeys but I have successfully been a passenger all the way to Wales and allowed my friend to do some of the driving while i had a snooze on the way up to the Lakes. The thoughts are certainly not there so strongly but haven't gone completely.

I also do yoga and have done every week for nearly 5 months now. I find that I still get angry and peed off about things but only for a few minutes. This is far better than stewing. All in all i am a calmer person with a really deep understanding of my own mind.

I am also developing 2 businesses (a small language school and doing workshops in schools) and hoping at some point that I can be totally self employed. I certainly have a lot of drive and motivation to get these off the ground and they are beginning to take off. Fingers crossed.

I recently split from my boyfriend of 4 months. He decided to give up smoking. He was quite a heavy smoker. It really changed him. He got free "tapping" and hypno from his neighbour who is qualified. She didn't seem to understand it as well as you do though. It seems to have worked for him which is great but also brought out his horrible suppressed side and he suddenly felt the need to tell everyone exactly what he thought of them. I don't really understand addiction! After the split I felt up and down but in general on the up. I think its a shame on his part because he had an easy going, fun, happy girl friend- what more could a man ask for., but he gets depressed and is quite self destructive it would seem. Myself and a friend are now convinced we are the only sane people and everyone else is mad!

Thanks again for all your help. I am so grateful and I wish you well with your practice. I hope my email will offer help to others who may not be so convinced that they can get through things. I still have a bit of a way to go but I have lots of positive mantras and as the song goes "break on through to the other side", "you just have to get on with things, life is hard but so am I" and you just have to keep pushing yourself all the time don't you.

Take care Nick and thanks again

M. L.

Stress and Nightmares

Just wanted to say a big thank you (again) for all the help and support you have given me over the past weeks.

I really feel like I’ve come a long way, and a lot more positive about what’s ahead.
I wouldn’t have been able to do that without your help, so just to let you know it’s much appreciated.

S. M.