LightwavePTP’s psychologist Nick Adams has a range and depth of experience in both psychology and therapy, working with adults, children from difficult backgrounds, and in businesses, which sets him apart from other providers.

As a result of this experience, Nick is able to offer his services on a consultancy basis to businesses, individuals and the media.

Business Consultancy
Nick Adams can provide an alternative perspective to that gained through traditional sources such as HR. He can advise on issues around recruitment such as interviewing and profiling; provide services to individuals facing redundancy or retirement; and work with companies in establishing structures and processes which work to the best of their employees skills and abilities rather than against staff personalities.

Individual Consultancy
Nick can provide consultations for individuals seeking advice on issues affecting their lives, for example parenting problems; helping young people deal with issues and so on. Individual consultations may form an initial session of a therapy process should clients wish to work on issues raised during consultancy.

Media Consultancy
LivewireWith experience working with the media, including television, radio and newspaper features, Nick is able to provide a psychological perspective on issues reported. For example Nick recently provided a psychological perspective to ITV’s Granada Reports feature on smiling. Media consultancy can take the form of sound bites, quotes or expert advice and articles.

PTP has partnered with a number of specialists in areas such as HR, nutrition and voice coaching to offer packages that provide a rounded, all-inclusive service. PTP also has links with other professionals around the country that offer additional support, advice and consultancy on a range of issues. These professionals range from GPs, to clinical psychologists, therapists, media reporters and others. These well established support networks allow PTP to offer a truly unique service.